Mr. Quizter is the best music quiz.
Listen to music, play quizzes and challenge your friends!


Enjoy Mr. Quizter wherever you are! Mr Quizter is available for both desktop and mobile devices!


Mr. Quizter has over 100.000 unique music-connected questions!


Mr. Quizter has an enormous library of music to work with; Spotify!

Fun on the go!

Spotify Premium is required to play on your smart phone.
Play with your free Spotify account on the desktop.

Requires Spotify Premium. Play with your free Spotify account on the desktop.

Spotify Premium

Mr. Quizter requires Spotify Premium. If you don't have Spotify Premium, you can play with your free account on your desktop!

Had an eargasm?

Did you find a track you liked while playing? Don't worry, you can star it on your Spotify account and listen to it later.

Stay social

Did you know you can challenge, compete and chat with you friends in Mr. Quizter?


The world of Mr. Quizter provides the most fantastic quiz experience!

Challenge or chat with your friends, compete against random people or in our adventurous single-player mode, along with much more!

The application is available both on iTunes and on Google Play.

Download now for all this awesome stuff!


Are you a little more old school, or simply prefer to play with your computer instead of a smartphone? No worries! Mr. Quizter can be found inside the app finder of Spotify where you can play quizzes, create your own quizzes as well as play and chat with friends!


Party mode

One of the stunning features of Mr. Quizter’s desktop app is the exciting Party Mode! With several game mode options you can easily create the perfect compliment to your party or cozy family night. Use your smartphones as remote controls, or go with the classic Pen & Paper mode!

Play using your Spotify account

Spotify Premium Spotify Free
Android & iOS X
- Play against friends X
- Play against random people X
- Chat with your opponents X
- Play quizzes without commercial interuptions X
PC & Mac X X
- Play against friends X X
- Play against random people X X
- Party mode X X
- Create your own quizzes X X
- Play quizzes without commercial interuptions X